Satoshi's Inquisition Cover

Satoshi’s Inquisition: A Novel

by Alastair Mitchell – Coming Soon

The dark web has embraced bitcoin. And nobody will be spared from the deadly consequences.

San Francisco, 2012: A dark web marketplace using bitcoin has emerged, grabbing the attention of the FBI, the criminal underworld, and the public at large. While in hiding following the events of Satoshi’s Fortune, Henry Hawke is approached by the secretive Cabal and told either he finds the ideological founder of the Black Trade Winds, or everyone he cares about will suffer the consequences.

Racing across San Francisco, Hawke must outsmart outlaw musicians, billionaire tech founders, and crooked politicians to find the mysterious man behind the website that is revolutionizing the drug trade and proving once and for all that bitcoin is not only a viable currency, but an imminent threat to a corrupt world order—one the Cabal will defend at any cost.

The closer Hawke gets to his goal, the more he realizes that not everyone is who they pretend to be—himself included.

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Publisher : Copperfield City Press (Coming Soon)

Language : English


Print Length : TBD