A Warzone Story


March 2021


When a top-ranked Call of Duty streamer accepts a challenge to turn his school’s most awkward gamer into an e-sport champion, he encounters a series of high-spirited and unexpected challenges that force him to choose between victory and his newfound friendship.


I Broke My Legs is a comedy/drama with elements from Easy A, The Wizard, The Karate Kid, and 10 Things I Hate About You. While mostly a lighthearted comedy, the film’s dramatic moments come from how the characters dealt with the lockdowns, the lasting impact Covid has had on their families, and how they choose to move forward together. The title comes from a common refrain in Call of Duty: Warzone when a player fails to deploy their parachute in time. The film will use Warzone as a character itself to provide humor from the characters’ reactions and missteps within the game, to matching the antagonist’s playing habits to those disliked by the gaming community, and provide an opportunity for fan service by including cameos of popular streamers.


Act I

Post-Covid, high school has returned to normal, including a social hierarchy where the popular kids are the most accomplished gamers and streamers. Freddie is a top-ranked COD: Warzone gamer with a large following and known for his in-game insults. In a fit of hubris after being goaded by Mark, his nearest rival, Freddie boasts he can make anyone in their school a Warzone champion in the upcoming e-sports championship. Picking who he feels is a surefire failure, Mark selects Joshua, an awkward but warmhearted young student known for insistence on using the Warzone riot shield and for frequently dying in-game in embarrassing fashion.

Act II

Freddie offers to mentor Joshua at Warzone, and Joshua jumps at the offer, immediately viewing Freddie as a big brother. Joshua joins Freddie, Mark, and their stoner friend Blair in their Warzone squad as they train for the e-sports championship. The more time they spend together, the more Freddie realizes his in-game persona is hurtful to others, and that much of Joshua’s poor performance is due to a poor internet connection he “borrows” from his neighbor. Freddie also comes to appreciate Joshua’s big heart and perseverance after learning what he’s been through the past year: His mother was forced to work two jobs because the family lost their restaurant due to Covid, they’re about to lose their home; he rarely gets to see his sister Jenny because of the lockdowns and rigors of nursing school; and most upsettingly, his beloved father died from complications from Covid. Freddie takes Joshua out for dinner for his birthday and gives him a top-of-the-line gaming headset. In a heartfelt moment, Josh reveals that the reason he keeps playing Warzone and using the riot shield is that it was his father’s favorite weapon and it reminds him of them playing together before he died. With Freddie and Joshua now close friends and Joshua’s play greatly improving, Mark realizes he’s going to lose the bet. The next time they play online, Mark tricks Freddie into admitting that the only reason he chose Joshua was because of their bet and they needed the worst player imaginable. Unbeknownst to Freddie, Joshua had been online and heard the entire thing. Deeply hurt, Joshua ends the friendship and vows to never play with Freddie again.


Joshua’s mother and Jenny console him but to no avail. Meanwhile, Freddie finds humility and gives up streaming while Mark takes his place and becomes vastly more insulting and hurtful than Freddie ever was. Freddie does his best to apologize and, with prompting from his family, Joshua eventually forgives him. With the e-sports championship now taking place, Freddie and Joshua scramble to put a together squad in time. Blair agrees to join them, but with Mark bullying other players from joining them, it appears as if they won’t be able to enter the competition. At the last moment, Jenny volunteers, and they go into the Warzone together. The championship is intense. Freddie is in top form, Blair continues to succeed in his comical ways, Joshua turns heads with his spectacular play, and Jenny turns out to be an amazing sharpshooter. Mark and his squad use every dirty trick in the book, and soon it comes down to their two squads. Fearing he’s going to lose, Mark uses a cheat hack to improve his aim and eliminates everyone but Freddie. Freddie finds enough money for one buy-back and though he knows Mark and his team are camping at the buy station, he goes anyway and manages to buy one player back into the game before Mark eliminates him. Joshua is the player who was bought back and now must eliminate Mark’s entire squad to win. With Freddie’s encouragement and to the shock of the crowd, Joshua picks up a riot shield for his last stand. In an unbelievable finish, Josh manages to eliminate all opponents including an incredulous Mark, whose cheat code is made irrelevant by the riot shield. Everyone celebrates, and all four victors give their prize winnings to Josh and Jenny’s mother to save their home. Amongst the celebrations, Jenny pulls Freddie aside and asks him about the last buy station. She points out that the rule of thumb is to buy the first player listed in the interest of speed, but notes that Joshua was the last in line. Freddie says simply he knew Joshua was a better player than anyone thought, and believed in he would come through with the win.


FREDDIE: A top-ranked COD gamer and popular streamer who realizes he has treated people poorly in the past and learns humility.

JOSHUA: An awkward teen who remains warmhearted despite the adversity he’s faced, and who is known for his poor gaming skills.

MARK: Sees himself as more deserving of Freddie’s success and is willing to cheat to achieve it. He represents the worst of the gaming community.

BLAIR: A happy-go-lucky stoner and friend of Freddie. She’s the comic relief.

JENNY: Joshua’s sister. A first-year nursing student with a sharp wit who sees herself as her brother’s protector now that their father has died.

JOSHUA’S MOTHER: A harried but doting mother who is worried about her family’s well-being and dire financial situation.

January 2022